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Hospital project

2022 ~

  Hospitals are a place where 'health' is defined, and in doing so, the concept of 'unhealth(iness)' is also created. What is considered 'unhealthy' is hidden behind the walls of the hospitals and numerous medical procedures are performed and medicine and vaccines are administered for the fantasy of achieving a perfectly healthy body. 


   How can we rediscover the way our patient's bodies perform in this society, a society that has endlessly disinfected, broken apart, recorded and transformed the body under the illusion of complete health?

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part 1. Admission

Online performance in collaboration with HAU4
6min 57sec, Single Channel Video


The theater, the hospital, and the body: these spaces are substituted by the same pixels denominated by 0 and 1, intertwined and overlapping in the digitized online setting, through the same the technology with which hospitals are able to record and observe the human body.
In this metaphorical space, the 'viewer' in front of the screen also becomes the body of the patient that is being diagnosed and treated.


part 2. Rehabilitation

Performance on stage

12 mins

This is a performance based on the research on

“국민체조(National Gymnastics)” in Korea, which also appears in Japan and Taiwan in a similar format, used in the Korean military, and became fashionable again during the pandemic. The process of rehabilitation doesn’t presuppose full recovery, it’s more like an attempt to find a way to perform somewhere between wound and recuperation.

스크린샷 2022-08-11 오전 6.16_edited.jpg

part 3. Chōri(調理/조리) Dance

Performance on Stage

50 mins

 Chōri means cooking in both Korea and Japanese. This is part of a long-term collaboration project with two

Japanese artist (Maharu Maeno, Shuntaro Yoshida) and cooking is used as a metaphor for the process of collaboration. In this performance, three artists do National Gymnastics as one collective body, deconstruct it in a way of recording-repeating through different languages, or thinking about how to dance with multiple species.

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